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Didi is a silly, gullible girl. Very kind and sweet, but not really smart when it comes to important things. Always staring off into space and dreaming. Every time you look at her she smiles or sticks out her tongue. Didi is always smiling unless you make fun of her friends. She is great at protecting the ones she loves. Didi is also very great at arguing about silly things and being wrong when it comes to most things. Didis are very good at making friends and fitting in. Overall a didi is a great friend and will always be there for you.
"She's so didi, always laughing and smiling."

" didi is always sticking up for me"
by Didi Poo April 21, 2017

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1. table partner (in school)

2. lab partner
Mrs. Martin: For this lab, you will work with your homie and another pair of homies.
Homie #1: Let's work with those homies, homie.
Homie#2: Yes, those look like good homies to work with.
by silly teenage boy February 12, 2017

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The most gorgeous woman you have ever laid eyes on. Her eyes blue like the ocean and her hair as soft as silk it's self. She has many positive features but her faith is the strongest of them all.
Jacks girlfriend Emma is beautiful.
via giphy
by Leaping Lizards July 05, 2016

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a word that pedro uses to describe feeling sick
i feel infactuated by that pizza sauce
by peddypals March 08, 2019

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Brub is a cooler newer way to say bruh. When you’re in shock or something crazy happens
“Did you see that crazy flip BRUB?”
by Calm February 03, 2019

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