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When a person is sick from illness or disease
“The flu has Justin feeling sicky today.”
by sobeit1786 December 06, 2018

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Use 1 - dope, sick, and amazing
Use 2 - awful, disgusting, and sinful
Parallel use to "Dude" (can mean a lot of things.)
Use 1 - That shot was bent man, it won us the game!
Did you make that? That's bent, I wish I could paint that well.

Use 2 - The quiz last week was so bent dude, no wonder I failed!
Sweet Home Alabama is so bent you won't believe what I saw; when I walked into my
cousin's room.
by Belza April 29, 2019

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When You Have Cousins That Get On Your Nerves; Can Result In Death Or Very Hig Risk Of Sickness ! Can Be Cured By The Cousins Keeping Their Distance !
When My Cousins Came To Visit, They Walked In My Room, And I Felt Like I Had Cousinotism
by Ideee December 30, 2018

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When you use urban dictionary to specify that 'sick' is actually a compliment and hence try to negate what another person had actually intended to imply, which is that you're just mentally incapacitated and physically ugly.
Saher, you're sick.

"Oh, but UD describes it as something cool and hence I'm going to take that connotation. Thank you for the compliment."
No, you're just plain sick.
by Burnyouaftersex January 25, 2017

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An autistic atheist
Ferry is autheistic
by Swagmastah64 September 12, 2018

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a feeling of laziness followed by sickness, usually causes heart attacks
Hessa is feeling Noura today, i should visit her.
by unknowncatlady June 13, 2018

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Machayla is a sick cunt
Oh it's machayla she is a sick cunt
by hippy poo May 31, 2019

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