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Getting so high on shrooms you accidentally rape, pillage and conquer parts of England
This shit is so strong i got a Norwegian bad-trip
by Fjellanger January 03, 2018

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When you take so much shrooms that you fall into a pit to where you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not
Friend 1:Dude is your uncle shrooming out right now

Friend 2: yeah he does it before funerals and work
by Scooby snack stoner March 06, 2019

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A term used in slang to describe atypical hallucinagenic mushrooms.

Not your typical/abnormal hallucinagenic mushrooms.
"Bro these shrooms are afungi! I think I'm in another dimension!"

"Do not eat that whole bag of afungi! They aren't normal shrooms. You will die."
by McHesp December 31, 2017

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