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Short little Munchkin who loves to complain about boiled eggs. Often misinterpreted and hated on by jealous losers. Gorgeous lil shorty, with a big heart but even bigger mouth (jk) having her in your life makes everyday an amazing one no doubt.
Milad: oh how I wish I was Muqadas.
by X-Salgado-X September 16, 2017

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THE SHORTEST MALE YOU'LL EVER MEET IN FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (Don't fucking call him shorty, pipsqueak, little, etc. or he'll get PISSED OFF AND THROW YOU OUT A WINDOW)
Damn he is such an Edward Elric, he get's pissed off if we call him short

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by Shorty Edward June 06, 2017

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Refers to a women, your wife, your girlfriend, bestfriend, your ride or die bitch that is extremely or unusally small. If you are the bigger individual refering to a smaller person it may be used regardless of the extent or diffrence in size. The individual is not only being identified as smaller but someone of importance, a bad bitch, a ride or die, possibly the besty.
Thats my midgbish over there with the fatty.
by Natasha Lemos February 12, 2017

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Too cute for to get in trouble, a sneaky person, loves snapchat especially the filters the flower crown and doggy, crybaby, a short girl, not thick.dont care what u say.
Hater:ugh softy alert
by David codet January 30, 2017

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A short girl who will be short forever and likes to read books
Hey madison miller how is that book going
by anonymous May 21, 2019

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