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when u licking the pussy and she squirts in your boots
Bro i was having sex with her and she gave me pilgrim shoes!
by Colblarb June 12, 2018

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Popular shoes called Jesus Sandles.
Guy1: Woah bro those are some sick shoes!! What are they called i want some??

Guy2: They're Jandles.
by Raven quinn October 24, 2017

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Sexy, good looking, has a lot of money, and has a lot of girlfriends
Cleshun will buy you a lot of stuff
by Cleshun March 28, 2017

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A word usally referenced to shoes made my the older generations who think its cool too call it that.
Kevin you have some sick sneaks
by Natetalksalot fan February 17, 2017

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Rectangle pieces of carpet usually the size of the bottom of shoes. Used to hide any foot prints from border patrol when illegal immigrants carry bales of marijuana across the Mexican/American border.
I was in the desert yesterday and found three pairs of carpet shoes.
by El coyote March 13, 2019

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When someone has new shoes, usually said in a sarcastic manner
*someone bought new Nike airs* are they you’re new fresh treads mate?
by Gordon Ramsey December 17, 2017

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