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You have to be a fag to get friends, not alone white girls are thots so good luck on getting one because most girls in that school have STD or herpes and a lot people are shitty and majority of people in fleming are from sound cloud or ghetto ass places that stinks up roanoke
William Fleming High School sucks ass dude

I know right :v
by KnightShinNight7689 January 22, 2019

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A combination of shit and attitude.
When someone you know has a shitty attitude. They may be normal people until the smallest thing sets them off. Then they get a shitty attitude, or a shattitude.
by you understand? October 22, 2017

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- Adjective

1. Shitty; lame; of low quality.

2. (In either the figurative or literal sense) Full of shit.
Such a faeciboblious individual, that Emerson. Couldn't keep a social engagement to save his scrawny neck!

A: "… and then I showed her my poetry, which she said was the best she'd ever read!"
B: "You're a faeciboblious piece of crap and you know it. Nobody would ever say that about your god-awful poetry, least of all a woman who was, as you claim, 'a definite ten'."
by Charlemagne1993 August 06, 2017

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Go to jacksepticeye.

1. Overused word by people who suck
2. Fudge U Cunt Killah
3. A insult.
4. A word.
Duck rhymes with fuck.
via giphy
by Nerdnerd November 06, 2016

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This means something seems or appears to be extremely shitty and have bad quality
Yo, I look like a fukin' potato
by IloveBTS April 20, 2018

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Hawley Texas is a small ass town that is literally an exit off of a highway with like 150 people living in it and everyone knows everyone and everybody is always in everyone's shit
Hawley Texas is a shit town
by Okkkkkkk666 October 07, 2017

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