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Shit hole where you fail because the teaching isn’t good as all they care about if your hair and how you dress “don’t wear those tight trousers it makes the teaching staff horny”
I fucking hate Launceston college
by Smithy Benno Bruh January 17, 2018

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place with loads of wankers drunks druggys and pregnant benefit women chavs and old people dont go there
lets go to caterham on the hill

fuck no
via giphy
by galifraiyansemajg September 17, 2017

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A Trap
Mag is a Trap. Magnolia
by Wykoff May 22, 2017

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alright australian town not too many drugs bit of a hole, is better than Warialda which is good.
Person 1: went through Bingara the other day, have to say it wasn't too bad compared to some other places
by bingaraisgay April 21, 2019

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When Someone Poops While Having Sex
When I Had Sex With That Girl She Was A Pooper
by Dirty Basterd July 21, 2018

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