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Some asshole who looks up his own name on Urban Dictionary.
Stop looking up your fucking name on Urban Dictionary, Quin.
by tannre May 31, 2018

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a amazing man who fucks all the women he can see and memeulos means sex so fuck it
i want to have a memeulos with u bitch
by gucci gang durv and turd May 02, 2018

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SOG refers to Sneak Out Gang. Sneak Out Gang is a highly trained special ops branch of the shithead military. This elite group deals with the most chaotic and dangerous species known to man “thots”. Casualties are to be expected. Only the most elite tactical shitheads are fit to join the superior defense force.
Tonight we SOG
by DH🌸🌺 June 19, 2018

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A ugly shit head
Evory is such a shit head
by I hate people123 June 24, 2017

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Also knows as Shithead
You can do anything

Comes from YouTube song
For example; I'm shadid and I can only count to six

What the heck come after six?
via giphy
by Kai205 April 23, 2018

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