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The God of showdown who loves everyone besides that ugly racist ginger named Brandon David Rice
Holy shit porto did u see the god on PS again? Do you mean Ouadie?????? Yes Ouadie!!!!
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by ProudestWeebEver October 17, 2017

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An extremely large shit that is one continuous piece
Hey, come check this brown mamba I just shat out
by Mamba man November 14, 2017

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Expression denoting the experience of the less fortunate party to a contract
Don't lend Mitch your broom. He will stick it in his ass and leave you with the shit end of the stick. He always does.
by Millerrtime613 August 24, 2017

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Take a shit.
Gotta run and pinch meat. Right back.
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by Tugg N. Harder October 24, 2018

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A really annoying person that speaks russian and pretends their sister is sick to get medicine from strangers

arvo is shit
also don't get an arvo mug
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by Evo Stop Screaming September 27, 2018

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Some random music group made by some kids who think they’re “cool” and “hip.” You can literally search them up on soundcloud and you’ll find them. Three songs. Made me laugh.
Damn, have you heard the new BNB Song?
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by thedoctoratethealligator September 04, 2018

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poop comes from your ass
i just took a poop in my room
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by pooppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 19, 2018

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