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Surprisingly disappointed or in a heated situation.
Oiy, I just got hit from the building
by M3ssinald0_22 March 12, 2018

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Taking a massive shit. To gestate and birth a turd of notable size and proportion.
I’m headed to the shitter. I’m fixing to birth one.

I just had an ass splitter. I knew I was about to birth one. The turtle was peaking earlier.

Eating all this curry guarantees I’ll birth one that’s real wet.
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by Eaton Holgoode December 19, 2018

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Taking a shit consisting of several turds irregularly shaped like rough-skinned potatoes.
I gotta run in the shitter there braaaaaahhhh. Imma bout to be diggin’ up a truffle.
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by Eaton Holgoode December 12, 2018

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A person that never likes people to be happy and is super rich Italian girl. Drives a super nice car and if she is not happy she makes sure the people around her are not too. Probably named Jenna
Did you head what Jenna did? She is such a jap cunt.
by John Nixon January 30, 2017

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Aussie way of saying "shit" in a sentence. English word morph to Aussie: Shit > Shite > Crike > Crikey
"Crikey, I just stepped in some dog shit!"
by silicone sister November 28, 2016

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Just as the name ends, shit nothing more to define
You speak a lot of Mokshit
by Rambo25 May 02, 2018

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A word used by French pilots before they crash. Also the only profanity allowed in "Air Disasters"
Before the pilot crashed he yelled "Merde!"
by Xmrrushx September 05, 2017

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