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You better watch it. Authors have The Ultimate Power. They can kill people without getting arrested. They can sink your ships. They can do all sorts of awful things. So by all means, join us!
Friend: *Sobs*
Me: Author?
Friend: *Nods*
Me: Thought so.
by fangirlsforever April 14, 2017

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the ship that is for kyle and alyssa, two lovers since fourth grade
kyle and alyssa's ship name is kylssa!
by mari f. May 29, 2018

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My heart my soul my casserole and also my OTP. This ship of Penner and Grier could tickle anyones fancy. They are the only couple it would be acceptable to see making out in the hallway.
"Grenner is going to last forever "
"Next it's going to be Shannon and Jackson, but they'll never be as iconic as grenner "
"Name a more iconic duo than grenner, I'll wait"
by Limbosnubs May 25, 2018

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