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n. A girl so beautiful and flawless you have no hope of ever reasonably asking her out despite all the reasons you should, causing you to ship it to yourself instead until you face reality and man up about it (which has never happened in recorded history).

Usually a girl so fine her flaws can't hide it, essentially creating a flawless appeance intimidating all who are lesser. An Elida is rarely seen in public, due to the off-putting nature of the public. Though she catches the eye of many, few could ever catch her own, hence you have no chance with her.
She's so fine, that girl is a real Elida.
by I'mAnIdiotbutNotAllTheTime March 11, 2018

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Alya: Omg, I ship Ladynoir!
Nino: Totally, dude!
via giphy
by CHICKENNOODLESOUP00000000 May 14, 2018

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Elliyon is the ship name of 2 original characters formerly known as: Xyon & Elli

Naming it Elliyon
I love elliyon!

I ship elliyon!
by SmexyBirbMan August 06, 2018

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A "ship" between two best friends that just shows how creepy the internet is.
Phan isn't real.
by deitied January 06, 2018

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James- A kind of guy to have a big heart. He also is very trusting of people and can get taken advatage of. But you know what tehy say about big heart not big dick
Omg Jadens going out with James
I ship it
by JJTHEPANDA September 09, 2018

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A ship name commonly used for someone whose name starts with a “T” and someone named “Kaleigh” or “Ryleigh” or anything like that. They usually have no chemistry, and it is often a dead ship.
Ven: I ship Taleigh
Eva: I don’t. They have no chemistry
Elisa: Eva’s right. They shouldn’t date.
by mylifeisasupremeMeme February 22, 2019

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A ship on the Warriors topic on QuizUp that was popular af once and still has supporters today.
I don't know how you would use it but you just do like this, Canazzy
by Nyoomfrog October 15, 2016

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