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I call nans on that story, bro.
by jesusatemysister January 24, 2018

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When gal pals get together create mischief & utter silliness!
All the girls at the batchelorette party were up to SHEnanigans when they dared the bride-to-be to drink a Jell-O shot & kiss a stranger on the lips.
by Lizzie&Poncho May 12, 2018

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The act of getting out of something, sometimes by the use of shenanigans.
I shenagled the price down.
I shenagled my way out of jail.
by JLaBoomBoom March 29, 2017

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Up to no good: shenanigans
Thacker went on a masquepade during a 30-day break with his lover.
by Thackyt November 14, 2016

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