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Charlise is a girl with silky blonde hair and brown eyes that sometimes turn green (doesn’t make sense I know)! She is the most wonderful person to be around and she is so romantic and cuddly... she is the absolute BEST in bed!! She is often made fun of and starts ALOT of fights but is also the one to end them. She is the type of girl that will make it very well in life and will be REALLY rich!! She will not get married or have kids. She is also obsessed with music!! Also she loves photography she takes so many BEAUTIFUL pictures!! You always want to hug her... but don’t make her mad because then she will bite!!
Guy/Girl: Uggg I need a girl in my life who will be there for me

Another girl/ guy: Get yourself a Charlise ;)
by Wooordzzzzzzzz November 14, 2017

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She is the most beautiful girl in the world the boys love her she has the best personality u could ever have she is loved by all but u don't want to be on her bad side she is the best thing to ever happen to u no matter what she plays some times but other then that u cnat go wrong with her she is sexy as hell and hates girly things but she can be a good cheerleader
Alexis queen
by Bobthatscool July 17, 2017

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A weeaboo
That kid is a jai
by Jai Amin May 07, 2017

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