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When you fart and shit a little bit.
Those prunes gave me a greasy Maxine.
by Eaton Holgoode May 04, 2017

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A fart dootie. A shart but not offensive so children can say it without repercussions
Oh man I just had a massive fadootie. Need to go change my under garments
by *hndakd* May 21, 2017

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When you think you're just going to fart and instead you poop your pants.
Uh oh I just had a deceptifart! Got to run to the bathroom and change my underwear!
by JustSilly April 09, 2017

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Gelatinous substance that escapes from your butt when you gamble on a fart and lose. Often times after enema or a bout of diarrhea. Sometimes without warning.
I sharted butt gel after eating chillequilles in white shorts. I had to throw my underwear away!
by CareBear82 March 26, 2017

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The event of surprise shitting one's self during flatulence. A butt-accident. Synonymn: Shart, Asscident (vulgar).
I think I'm going to have to leave the party, I had a buttcident while I was dancing with that sorority chick.
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by Soupyjay March 23, 2017

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When Person A makes Person B stand on one leg and puts two arms up in the air in an L shaped form. Then the Person A pretends to drop something while he makes Person B pick it up. Then Person A rips a vigorous shart in Person B's face while dropping to the floor.
For our warmups yesterday I made Jamie do a dead flamingo. He didn't play the rest of the season after that one.
by CheiFChokinAH0 September 21, 2017

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The kid-friendly version of shart!
"Oops I parted, felt so good!"
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by Function_D May 10, 2017

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