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to have sexual intercourse with someone or something
i'd sclog that log!

she's perfectly scloggable!
by Book Guy March 07, 2019

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Slang for inferring you want to shag a woman.
Look at that stunner! I'd give her one!

Or if you want to be clever:

That woman is beautiful.
Marks out of ten, I'd give her one.
by cs94njw February 08, 2017

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It's where you have a quick shag with your significant other, then give them a haircut afterwards.
"Shag & Shave, where you shag and then have a haircut" 1 hour later" "That was a nice bit of anal there Sophie" "Yeh I agree" said Steven, now what about that haircut" "Short back and sides? ;)
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by FlaringFannie February 01, 2018

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A shagger of the people shags who he wants when he wants can rival shaggys power levels dont @ will pull up on you
Angry jack is a g and shagger
by M3ga D0wn January 28, 2019

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