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Someone who is good at throwing shade;checking.
Dang that dude frosty in a fight.
by _Bandiit_ December 18, 2016

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When you "throw shade" it typically is a insult about another person
Example:That's right I through all of the shade
by SomeDumb June 20, 2018

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To downplay the importance of; to state as inferior to, without claiming superiority.
“Jim declipsed John’s efforts as derivative, yet himself came in second.”
by Danbojitsu February 12, 2018

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A friend who comes to your aid and cheers you up by insulting others.
‘I just can’t believe I got pied for her, what’s wrong with me!’

‘Oh honey it’s not your fault you kissed a stevie wonder frog! Plus at least your nose is real!’

‘So much shade thrown but I love it! This is why you’re my fairy shade mother you always know what to say!’
by AmelaPanderson May 03, 2018

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