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A very sexy looking guy who everyone loves and he is known to be very funny. He is also the type of guy that will care for you and a guy you can depend on.But also he is trill and very athletic.
He looks like Johan
by Alessandra Gomez November 21, 2016
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Black ass nigga that can make you fall in love with him easily. He is sexy, funny, annoying and tall asf.
Get like Darius.
by olaffffffff🎒 November 27, 2017
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angielisas are wildly hot and very good in the sack! i've fucked one in my life and she was so damn amazing🍆🍑💦 angielisa had dark brown hair and brown eyes and she did good with them ;) typically girls named angielisa are total sluts and sleep around a lot, but that's good for the guys :) i'm so blessed to fuck with my bby angielisa
damn daniel that angielisa was so good in bed ;)
by big boobs 22 July 02, 2017
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A sexy pie ready to fry. Super hot and sexy male that is very nice and is fun to be around.
OMG he's such a carson
by Jimmy Jimmy frank December 20, 2017
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A sexy girl who is obsessed with Shawn mendes she wants to fuck him so hard
Wow that kinga is so sexy
by _.xxsammy September 12, 2017
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While originating in many cultures as a name for men, actually the men of this name are quite dull and lackluster. The women on the other hand... the WOMEN. Women named Lionelle are simply superb, sublime, scintillating creatures of great intellect and beauty. Do not, however, and take my warning seriously now folks, do NOT cross a Lionelle. For she is a lioness capable of a decapitating the unwitting man in both conversation and quite literally removing the head from the rest of his/her body. If you are ever lucky enough to encounter one of these rare majestic unicorns of a woman never let her leave your side for she is truly a gift to the world.

Pairs well with: Jack.
Damn, you know that girl Lionelle? Fuckin... like... damn.
by Loki69 January 25, 2018
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amritveer is a sexy hot girl

will make any guy happy
dang she is a amritveer
by lskdll2meh November 23, 2017
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