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Sehaj is a cool person that is funny, smart and sometimes a bit rude but that's okay! She has two personalities: a funny outgoing person that makes everyone laugh and a rude person that only wants to keep to themselves. (But don't worry that's only temporary) She'll most likely make friends with everyone and keep her old friends too. Everyone needs a Sehaj in his/her life she'll have lots of boys that like her because of how attractive and sexy she is but she always knows to give her best friends lots of attention too. Sehaj will only like to be friends with people that make her laugh or entertain her. So don't be lazy and find yourself a Sehaj that will definitely make you laugh and make your day and life way better.
"Oh my god, yesterday I met this girl named Sehaj and she has to be the most funny person I've met in my entire life." "Did you see that girl named Sehaj? She is so pretty!"
by StrangerPotter December 24, 2017

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He is the most big hearted nicest guy ever. If you know an eli he has an older gf who is hot asf. He has dark brown hair with a poof. He has a good friends ship with his buddys. Overall hes amazing in bed
Hey man you meat the new eli kid. Hes such an eli
by HypeADHD5518 June 14, 2018

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by 32QNCVHJ June 18, 2017

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Someone truly amazing .She has a beautiful smile .Shes a savage and loves to hangout with the people she loves . She's a true friend so never let her go. She is very loyal .
Wow You know the beautiful Nirely
by Junesbeauty February 20, 2017

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A very caring sexy cute and wonderful person she sometimes feel likes she's not needed and very crazy she's goofy and funny and just an awesome person to be a around she acts dumb and crazy but mess with her and she WILL knock u out 😉😍😎😗
If you have a neandra better treat her like the queen she is
by Lol its me December 09, 2017

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Kahaani is a small girl, with a nice body.
Kahaani is very sexy without knowing it, and likes to have fun. At the end of the day kahaani is still smart and nice.
That girl is perfect. She must be a kahaani.
by Thechoosentruth123 November 15, 2017

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Shorine is a cutie she like fat boy and they have to be dark skin she get mad at trash and teacher she the definition of cute and she will be rich and have twin
Have you seen shorine I will fuck her
by Shorine May 12, 2018

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