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A girl that is really awesome and will make u laugh u just can't stay mad at her
Oh she's such a Kyndal
by Bestfwiend #1 December 24, 2016

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A sexy, athletic beast who gets hella bitches. Usually has 5-6 girls with him at all times. Girls are lined up to get with him. Just an overall beast and savage.
Oh my god I need to make out with Shant.

I wanna bang that Shant.
by Baller315531 November 30, 2016

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A sexy guy who everyone likes and he gets all the girls and is good at everything from good looks to studies. Everyone likes being around him.
Look at that hot guy over there.... He's SUCH a Girik.
by Blitz Bob December 10, 2016

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Sexy caring amazing guy and helps everyone he needs to
I am pretty much like Seamus
by Semon Demond September 10, 2018

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She is beautiful, talented,sexy and fine. She bad she don’t take crap from nobody. She a very goofy and nice person once you get to know her. She is also skilled in every position. She is also slim thick wit a fat booty. She pretty and Chocolate. She crazy. She’s very easy to love.
I wrote this because this is what’s I think she is and my name is Ke’Mirah
by CHOCOLATEMAMA February 16, 2019

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When you fuck someone in a car
We broke up but yesterday we wall carred
by PussySlayerhdot December 31, 2017

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someone very very sexy the likes to pimp girls in the streets of c.a
cuahutemoc lived in a vario and pimped hoes everday
by cuahutemoc November 30, 2016

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