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A person who does not identify with one set sexually but any of them at all or maybe none.
T “Dude are you gay, straight, or bi?” L “I’m just me, I’m sexually fluid, I just like what I like when I like it” T “That’s cool bruh”
by Whynotthis22 December 01, 2017

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One that cannot feel neither a sexual or romantic attraction towards either sex.
When the girl asked Cody what his sexuality was, he replied, "I'm Ceisexual."

Johnny tried to make a move on Jade but it wouldn't ever work, because she was Ceisexual.
by XxGlowing Star In The NightxX April 13, 2017

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Its when you like what you like
Hey I'm Ian-sexual
by Edge-lord666 January 29, 2018

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Fear of missing out on sex.
Timmy was excited Diana was coming over and being a fomosexual, he made sure to buy a condom.
by Octajohn November 11, 2017

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A lesbian, but for males.
"God, he's such a mesbian."
"He's gay, ____."
by InitiaI D January 30, 2018

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Another vague fake sexuality people use to gather admiration from their pc friends.
Hey you guys I'm graysexual now give me affirmation that im a deep and special person.
by suslord December 06, 2017

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the capacity of fulfilling sexual acts
Tyler had no sexuability, Ben however had lots of it.
by soto April 17, 2017

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