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When a guy (or girl) wants to get sexual with someone, and that person says: BYE
I think I’m bye-sexual, every time I try to get sexual with my girlfriend, she says: bye.
by Trash Kween December 18, 2017

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Eats so much ass that it makes a grown man cry.
My dad wanted me to try a demetri patterson on my step mom before christmas.
by Mavrow May 06, 2018

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A sex position where you blow your load into the back of someone’s head from a distance
“I was with Stacey last night and she got to have The JFK Experience if you know what I mean”
by Archmonarch June 17, 2019

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Basically, you come into a group chat as soon as something sexual is going on.
“Damn, you got some Draco Timing.”
“Jennifer has another sense. Perfect Draco Timing.”
by Kek Nug June 07, 2018

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The impulsive need break into some girl/boys locker and sniff shorts
Oh man i heard that guy when rahuling a moment ago
by EDGECUNT February 21, 2018

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informal word for cum
Ooooooh.....He sent his sexy semen shooting up my vagina.....oooooohhhhhhh solo wetttt
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Surprising a goose by randomly inserting dildos made of algae into whatever orifices you can find
That Goose was aroused by the Cack Flap
by the Scrumptiously big Daddy April 23, 2019

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