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When you need to sexualize or make something more appealing.
Ew! That pic of her is ugly, let's sex it up :)
by Getshreked420 August 10, 2016
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Fucking. Dropping that D good in that pussy, ass or both.
Imma drop vein at Rachel’s tonight.

She bent over in a towel so I dropped vein right then and there.
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by A. M. Wood January 19, 2018
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Slang Irish for sex.
Derived from getting the Buck
Person1: Where's he gone?
Person2: Off looking for lé Buckley
by BuckCity October 26, 2016
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An individual that provides any form of sexual gratification for another.
If you want some ball tightening head, Call Rachel. She is an oral servicer.

My hole needs a servicer tonight.

I need a hand servicer to bust this heavy nut.

Ray needs a servicer for his ass. He’s a bottom boy.
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by A. M. Wood February 16, 2018
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Sexual intercourse on any orifice of choice.
Me and the boys invited that slut Mel over tonight. We’ll be pokin’ holes all night.
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by A. M. Wood January 16, 2018
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A sex triangle
My girlfriend my brother and I am all in a sex loop
by The coder 122564645 December 01, 2017
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The Parrot (verb)
When a woman continues to talk after having sex and the only way to shut her up is to throw a blanket over her so she'll go to sleep.
Guy: Man this chick well not shut the fuck up.

Me: hmm hold on *throws blanket over her*.
Guy: What did you do that for?

Me: When you want birds to sleep you cover their cage and they think it's dark and time to sleep.

Guy: sweet
Me: Yea, I call it the parrot
by Some guy#2 January 01, 2017
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