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Aggressive Fingering
I gave her the Reverse Bernie Sanders last night then shook her father's hand three minutes later
by GeneralButtNaked March 13, 2017

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A sad tragic thing that happens to many people around the world. It’s when you have forced sex usually happens to women or small children.
Amy got raped by a old man when she went to the park by herself.
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by Bburry10 Gamer May 05, 2018

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Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse. To have fun
As in, “ did you get play last night “ something Nigga’s do anything for in naples
by Dbooming October 08, 2017

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A "JJ" is a very sensitive boy who likes to do dirty acts in private, being very seductive at times. He likes to masturbate, which is one of their hobbies.
"Sarah! Did you see JJ Oum masturbating on Saturday?"
by glassesboy4151fortnite April 29, 2019

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When she farts on your cock then proceeds to suck your dick till you cum your hot stinky cum then she burps on your cock thus taking a shit on your back.
Oh shit cuzz she gave me that stinky salmon and i had to take 3 showers and 2 bars of soap.
by BigDaddyLongAsian November 23, 2018

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when a girl is so loose she already cought 10+ bodies before high school
dale : yo dude did you see the pussy on Shaquisha?
dustin : yea dude i'm bought to think she cought more bodies then she says with then chubacca lips !!!
by mark_420 September 17, 2017

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To fuck someone in the ass against their will
Did you see the episode where he raped Squidward?
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by Trisha1 December 16, 2017

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