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While hitting a girl from behind, as your about to cum, accumulate a handful of semen (SEAman). Next spit in the crease of her back giving the impression you came. As she turns around. Proclaim “Ahoy matey” and forcefully slap it across her face.
Sean: Bro why is Tiffani so pissed today?
Jubril: lol cuz. I gave dat bitch a mean sailor slap last night
Sean: my nigga!
by Mattypav October 09, 2017

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In the Highlands of Scotland a yoon is a semen stain. It is usually dry and very hard to remove from clothing.
Must hae been a pure dead brilliant night, had a yoon on ma jeans
by Barticus666 December 17, 2017

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The bird is semen. When the semen is still in your sack before ejaculation
I try to keep the bird in the sack as long as possible when banging my girlfriend

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A sock filled to the brim with semen.
Ugh, I stepped on Dave's Bachelor's Dish Rag.
by BeefTeef December 21, 2017

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The act of wiping up your semen after ejaculating
Be right back bro I’m drying my swimmers
by Marleysj May 23, 2018

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A hormone release from a man’s penis that induces a large amount of weight lost. Often prescribed as a weight lost drug from many healthcare professionals.
I can’t wait for my boyfriend to give me my daily dose of semenlin so I can lose another 15 lbs.
by Semenology February 14, 2018

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seminal fluid, cum.
babe your milkis tasted good
by pussydestroyer69696 April 19, 2018

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