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A Cole Powers is the lowest type of person, ugly, stupid, and mentally disabled(Most likely autism). A Cole Powers is so bad the government nearly reinstated slavery just to make him the only slave because he is such scum. He is a true NIGGER, he set the world record for horse ass licked in one day, around 10 billion licks of horse ass they estimate. A cole powers's diet consists of three meaty cock for breakfast lunch and dinner, and 50 fluid ounces of horse cum a day. Big Black men abuse his ass all day and he is also a big supporter of beastiality, Because he has very passionate anal sex relationship with hippos, rhinos, anacondas, whales,horses, donkeys,and elephants. Also whenever he is around a dog he gets a huge Bonner, keep your dogs away from any Cole powers because he is madly attracted to there dicks. He is also the founder of the country of cock mania, cole powers has the largest dildo collection in the world, around 5.6 billion dildos. He is also the horse seated dildo carriage technique and the ski thrust technique that big black men do to his ass. He is also the most famous gay porn-star performing in over 10 million videos( he only takes dick, never a top). His death would be world wide celebrated effectively creating world peace and solving the middle east conflict. For all the reasons and more he was bestowed the nick name Colepowerbottom. A cole powers is the biggest NIGGER to ever exist.
You see that NIGGER cole powers over there?(person 1)
yeah, he is so ugly (person 2)
yesterday i saw his lick the nastiest horse ass ever and then he gave the horse a blow job!!!(person 1)
He is so disgusting no women would ever be attracted to that nigger, cole powers.(person 2)
Someone should really hang that Nigger(cole powers)!!!!(person 1)
by ALPHA69420 December 02, 2018

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it is explicit sex scenes especially in anime. you will be able to see breasts and blurred out male and female genitals.
wow. it's a borderline h anime.
by DrDrae2000 February 26, 2018

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To continually see someone
Bendalé has consistently been nipping it with the kingdom
by Dvfc2016 March 01, 2019

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A word used by high schoolers in Tantallon describing taking a hit off of a vape.
Hey bud can I take a chooch off your vape.
by TantallionFan69 June 10, 2018

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The scum of the Earth. We would be better without them.
"People are the fucking worst"
by GarfuTHEGOD June 25, 2017

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