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People dont think the universe be like it is, but it do.
Black Science Man: this is knowledge
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by black science man September 12, 2017

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H u n g e r
Damn, I'm so hungry I could eat like a phagocyte!
by Aitternh January 07, 2017

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Woman is the the opposite of a man, also known as a female.

Women are the females of homo sapiens (intelligent man from latin).

Since women are females all of them have a vŠ°gina.

This is a better definition than the last one.

The previous definition contains misleading information such as the wage gap. With a simple 5 min research break anyone can find whats true and not but since people care about their bias more than actual facts what can you do.

And here i am talking to myself in the urban dictionary website, arguing to myself.... ;-;
Yo mom is a woman
by Bubbey June 20, 2018

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A measurement of time for 10 seconds, or a decasecond.
WOW, Usain Bolt ran 100m in less than a hugosecond!
by Rocomas May 11, 2018

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The quality of having a very long title. Such as scientific research posters with titles that take 1/2 hour to read.
That is the most qvelling research poster at this conference
by B^4 November 13, 2017

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