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the art of explanation
person1: why does science have to explain everything

person2: because it is the art of explanation
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when one eats an amount of food disproportionate to their body weight for the main purpose of avoiding work that needs to be done
mom: billy why did you get a C on the math test
billy: oh not much mom, i was just procrastineating the night before sorry mom
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by wrongwaywilson October 24, 2017

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Trinity High School in River Forest, also known as the prison on division, is a school where people can’t wait to graduate. This school is horrible from the rude teachers to stuck up students. People always beg their parents to let them transfer to OPRF or Fenwick. Students go in thinking that they will have the best time, but come out miserable and wish they could die.
Amy: “Do you go to Trinity High School?”
Sandra: “Yeah”
Amy: “I feel bad for you”
by HonestGirl121 May 25, 2019

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"Im luke an old fart with no future."
"im james my ex dumped me for a smelly fart and now im a lonely suicidal kid."
Hume central is a meh joint to go to
by Egg without a shell March 06, 2017

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a place where you wont be able to learn anything because the kid in the backseat plays x rap way too loud on his headphones. and if you are not above 5"5 or over 200 pounds you'll get beat up to shit, because gross teens are looking forward to jail time in the future for assault
person numero uno: i need to go back to highschool tomorrow
person numero dos: my friend was literally murdered there
person numero uno: this is why i want to drop out don't you get it?
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by blazou August 12, 2019

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A school with these dumb ass teachers like the gym teacher not letting you do anything, the math teacher always failing you, the English teacher also always failing you, the earth science teacher “is it true do I care”. And these kids OMG don’t let me get started on these kids like how don’t you know that February has 28 days, how they don’t know how to use a computer, and how they always starting some shit cause they wanna fight.
No one: hey you know that school steam academy

Me: yea why

No one: yo that school is so trash you fail for no reason

Me: yea fuck that school lets go to MVHS
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by School1234 February 25, 2019

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A School that is filled with low lives, crackheads, white peoples saying nigger. We can’t even fight in this school SMH.
Have you heard of steam academy that school is shit
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by School1234 February 06, 2019

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