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A web application for writing bibliographies in MLA and various formats. Most students who use this hate it for its complexity.
Teacher: "Okay everyone, remember to use NoodleTools to write your bibliography."
Student 1: *whispers* "I hate NoodleTools."
Student 2: *whispers* "Me too."
by FallenXP December 04, 2017

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Hitting the exact word count limit on an academic assignment.
- Man, I can’t believe Louis pulled a chisholm on that humanities paper.
- What’s Pulling a Chisholm?
- it’s when you hit the exact word count limit on an academic assignment.
by ChrisScoobyDoo May 24, 2018

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The annoying teacher who said read the sentence and conjuring and terminator
Mrs. Sheehand to read the sentence and looks for terminators or periods
by Thedeckofcards November 01, 2016

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A place where dreams are empowered, then distroyed like fake gucci . A place that never wins the sport games, leaving the entire school in embarrassment. Finally, a place that is home to many creepy teachers.
“ did you hear what happened at Indian Valley Middle School?”

“I thought that place shut down decades ago!”
by hashtagstupid June 04, 2018

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"Im luke an old fart with no future."
"im james my ex dumped me for a smelly fart and now im a lonely suicidal kid."
Hume central is a meh joint to go to
by Egg without a shell March 06, 2017

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a high school that has retarded people and teachers give you hell because their salary is lower than the janitor at mcdonalds.
Person 1: Hey I been to Exeter High School!
Person 2: Oh that school sucks!
by hellokitty69420 May 15, 2018

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A high school with zero respect for teachers and authorities. The students are all basically helpless pieces of trash.
Eww, She attends ERHS?
by Pookingturd69 April 23, 2018

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