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The phenomenon of getting a hallucinated feeling that your hallucination is going down.
Like drunk people think, other people are also drunk. Hey Bill, are you the hallucination that I am hallucinating about. I am in a hallucineption!
by HalParker October 21, 2017

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A person who acts sweet ; scared to do certain activities
"You're a pussy boy"
by Hbic.__ August 19, 2016

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A little girl who is scared to do most things without her mother (or guardian). Her hair is very curly and long. She is silly and loves dogs.
Jahlivya is scared to do most things.
by lexirose3 May 11, 2018

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When someone gets caught red handed doing something illegal that they start shaking more than a scared wet dog left outside in the cold.
As soon as the tenant caught the property manager being part of mortgage fraud, the property manager developed the Wet Dog Syndrome
by RosyB333 March 04, 2018

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