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Concueror, winner, vanquisher
I love my Jaymond.
by Willkazill August 30, 2017

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A real ass nigga !
He a Tahmir for that one.
by Real ass nigga 9701 March 13, 2017

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There can be up to 10 people in this group called the Swagdaddies. There can be girls or boys but they are all savages. They are the most popular and cutest at their school..
Is that the savage swagdaddies group.
by fcgdtghfhmk May 06, 2018

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a fucking awesome name that has no meaning whats so ever. this person is a savage that listens to nobody in his life. hes also a god at fortnite and doesnt camp in bushes.
girl : that guy is so good at everything
friend : might as well call him yeetcor
by motherfuckinsavage January 28, 2018

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Ellis maneuver

The movement out of, back into and finally out of the friend zone. A triple black diamond stunt only to be attempted by professionals. Requires skill and precision to achieve the second relationship and has only ever been fully completed one time that we know of, although many have tried.
"What a savage, he Ellis maneuvered Sam around the holidays so he didn't have to get her a present"
by gellis2400 April 03, 2017

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Another spelling of savage, (pronounced Sa-vaa-szh) but a lot more intense meaning.
by CHUPY IS MY DOG April 10, 2017

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(verb)Marb'd happens when you get savagely destroyed by a joke. Marb'd can be executed when you trick someone by asking them a question but you have a different answer to make them get destroyed. It is a special move, only Marba can use to have bars directed to her enemy.
"Ano gin kwa mo to?"
"STEM miss."
"Kwarta ka mama mo guro."
Oh no!He just got marb'd.
by despairdotes July 10, 2018

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