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A quantifiable measure of chill
My chillage is over 9000!
by therealfanchon January 05, 2017

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"Sus" is basically "Sauce"
Hey dude can you pass me the Sus.
by K Emerald May 08, 2018

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(verb) a way of saying to pass over, throw, or give
"Yo Ricky, sauce the rock!"

"Hey, can you sauce me the mustard?"

"Can you sauce me the history notes?"
by turbomilk December 09, 2018

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Drip is used when your outfit is clean as fuck from your shirt to your shoes containing “hype” items that make your outfit stand out from these broke boys. Drip can not be used if your outfit contains any of these items:over size jeans, filas, oversized polo shirts, Nike slides, or the basic tommy hillfigure shirt that everyone has.
“Damn bro I see you with the yeezys drip or drown🔥🔥
by Drip god August 16, 2018

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