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Lumase- The feeling you get when you come across a memorable item from your past that makes an unconscious smile appear on your face. This significant item leaves you in a nostalgic dream and places you back in that setting again. You are revisiting a memory that might have lasted hours or years and now you are replaying it in just under eight short-lived seconds. In this moment you can feel you are grinning and your heart is beating a bit harder than usual. It is almost like an escape from your present time. Instantly, you are drawn back to reality. You then realize how much this uncovered treasure means to you, which reminds you why you never got rid of it in the first place. Lumase is a feeling of euphoria, serenity, freedom, and most importantly love, all at once. Lumase is a feeling of utter satisfaction.
The feeling of lumase came over her when she saw the face of her first child.
by RLWSM January 26, 2018

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