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An expression used to jokingly/sarcastically thank someone for something they’ve done or said.
Person 1 “did you drink all the vodka”
Person 2 “mabey 🙃”
Person 1 “...yeah cheers”
by Tod February 18, 2018

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a sarcastic way of agreeing with someone.
"I ran 1,000 miles in and hour!"
by juuuuust_me. October 09, 2017

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Tandela is a special chicken, and usually in her natural habitat spends her time dancing and waiting for texts from her friends. However her friends don't answer her so she becomes very impatient often sends multiple texts. She always gives hugs and is often a very happy person. Sometimes though she can be very very sarcastic.
"Tandela was annoyed that i didn't respond to her texts, so she started to dance with rage."
by Ash browning March 31, 2018

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A person who is habitually a sarcastic arsehole. They can't help themselves, every single response they give is sarcastic. As such, you can't help but call them what they are: a sarcastic arsehole
Husband: *insert sarcastic comment*
Wife : do you know what, you're a real sarkhole.
by Mrs B to the C May 30, 2018

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Sarcastic and kind
Alyssah Rondon is sarcastic to family
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by HighQueen March 30, 2018

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