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A term used sarcastically to talk about somebody who thinks they are in a very strong position (e.g. in a negotiation or contest), but are actually a feckless arsehat who is overestimating their own worth.
Theresa May is looking pretty "strong and stable" today.
by xSpaceman_Spiff June 09, 2017

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You're on the Urban Dictionary, you fucking idiot.
But you already knew that. You only wanted to see if some sarcastic asshole made this page. Never ask "where the hell am I" again!
by Catpan November 29, 2016

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When a person (usually a love interest) expresses affection sarcastically.
Romantic sarcasm in old couples:

Boy: Do you love me??
Girl: No :o
by Peony Seaslug December 17, 2016

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Sarcasm, often that of a sarcasm that is undetectable. And therefore simply rude.
Dude 1: I have HIV.
Dude 2: That's OK we're both men.
Dude 1: Oh- well I was just joking anyways.
Dude 2: Fuckin' breckin.
by Flugel October 18, 2017

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A sign used on the internet by stupid people to tell other stupid people that they are being sarcastic, in the process defeating the purpose of sarcasm in the first place, making the sign entirely useless except for detecting insecure or gullible people.
The more I hear about that Hitler guy the less I like him.

by Eff111 May 05, 2018

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The arrows indicate the words inside are said in a sarcastic tone. Sarcasm font.
by Pdx_sarcasm April 20, 2018

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Able to be made into sarcasm
Whoa Jenny, that statement isn't sarcasmable
via giphy
by King_Bradley March 15, 2017

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