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Depression is when you feel like you are going to cry almost everyday, always thinking about bad memories, possibly even feeling suicidal. I am 13 years old, and I suffer from Depression. Its sad, because I feel like nobody loves me, and I constantly always hear sentence enhancers, or swear words, all the time. All the time everyday I feel like crying, almost stuck in this pit of sadness, loneliness, and regret. I haven't told any of my family members because I think they'll say Im stupid and tell me to stop whining like the little baby I am. Please dont take this as a joke, I just want help.
I have Depression, and its really sad.
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by Saddepressedperson November 04, 2018

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Where they package your hopes and dreams into shitty food and sell them for $2.99
Person #1: I can’t believe McDonalds made me get fat!
Person #2: Yeah, it’s totally alllll their fault.
Person #1: I know! I’ll sue them!
by Danny picklesworth May 01, 2019

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