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A young child whom people think is from India, which spends his time being a tryhard at children's games to boost his self-esteem. Sadly Diero is not very good at the games he plays, leading people to call him a sad boy.
"Diero is a sad child"
"Stop being such a Diero"
by Diero Hate Squad June 16, 2017
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Guy who looks funny and acts funny but doesn't get all the girls
#Funny I wish I was a janaarth but I don't get the girls
by Love.ly May 12, 2017
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Katie’s a great person, but she’s very underappreciated..
by katieeeeer November 27, 2017
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The feeling of remorse, sadness, and emptiness
Looking at this picture makes me feel squaint
by Shulk swag April 04, 2017
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A girl who has a bad past who has over came hard times. Most people don't that she's hurting and getting hurt . She smiles to hide the pain. Her moto is ; You could be dying inside and no one knows and I don't want anyone to...
If ur De'Anah get help
by Lost Anonymous girl November 18, 2016
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A very sad day, when the twin towers where knocked down by terrorists.
9/11 was a very sad day
by Knowledge is not power November 01, 2016
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