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A website for people without a life
kid 1: ugh im bored
kid 2: why dont u go on buzzfeed and find out what type of onion you are mate
by annoying_i April 06, 2019

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A term which most people use when they are annoyed or pissed off
``UGH I hate you!``
by Dos bois February 13, 2019

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A girl who goes to a group of friends and starts hopping tips
that girl is such a homie hopper bruh
by the actual avocado January 13, 2019

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One sad boi, usually used in texting
John: Hey bro, how are you doing?
Gary: I'm sad :C my gf left me...
John: That sucks.
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by Sauce boi July 17, 2018

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A beautiful being with extra terrestrial layers
mr krabs is beautiful
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by animeisgood January 25, 2019

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2 inch sausage, and is really bad in bed.
Dennis is so bad in bed
by Thetruthgiver101 December 12, 2018

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A girl who has a bad past who has over came hard times. Most people don't that she's hurting and getting hurt . She smiles to hide the pain. Her moto is ; You could be dying inside and no one knows and I don't want anyone to...
If ur De'Anah get help
by Lost Anonymous girl November 18, 2016

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