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"Skeet"could be seen as form of birth control. It means to cum outside of someone.
"Don't worry I will just I will skeet on you? Let me go get you a towel."
by Real Wordsmith April 06, 2017

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When you have unprotected sex with a girl and then punch her in the stomach
Deleting the child inside her
Me and my girl had sex the other night and when I nutted i had to pull a skeet and delete
by Dickydanwithafryingpan April 05, 2018

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To bleed profusely in a spurting manner (i.e., with each beat of the heart, a shot of blood ejects -- or skeets) out of the wound(s). (see also: skeet.)
"Yo, that boy got shot twice in the chest and after that he was skeeting blood everywhere."
by dsparkss January 29, 2018

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