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Translates into Fuck used mainly in Russia, And baltic states.
Иди нахуй-Igi nahui - Go fuck yourself
by Hitler loves jews February 22, 2017

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Modifier added to a verb to explain the extreme level of insanity required to engage in the activity or the level of physical danger currently being ignored... Or both.
Russian Roulette, Russian space program, Russian prostitute, etc.
by shmuckatelli April 17, 2018

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A Russian who lives off of a vodka and kebab diet. A large, indestructible man with the strength of 1000 bears.
"Wow. That guy sure is drinking a lot at this party"
"That's because he's a Rebinovs. Don't piss him off, he's Russian"
by Mcsamith June 29, 2017

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Russian term that means for fuck sakes
Russian 1:da jebal ti pidar
Russian 2:idzi nahuj cyka
by Thomas0302 December 26, 2018

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The art of a Russian prostitute in a bear costume get down on her hands and knees and begin to claw and bite at your dick like a bear, while this is happening another Russian prostitute is pouring hot wax on yours and the other Russian prostitutes back while reading the Book of Job in the Bible.
Would you two fine ladies want to do a Russian Suck?
by NotJames... Ok it's James April 27, 2017

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A male sucking his own penis while getting a rim job from a girl
Verb. Cody had a Russian screwjob with Sydney
by Death trap97 January 16, 2019

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