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The art of autoclicking originally used in the MMORPG "RuneScape".
Me: Hey Malik, what are you doing today?
Malik: Oh, just some Project 96 while I'm doing homework.
by malikis2cool December 12, 2016

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Phat is short for partyhat in the game runescape.
selling red phat 12b
by Jontjones June 06, 2018

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An infamous runescape youtuber known only for his introduction. Rumors say he conquered puberty others say he is the stig all we know is his name is Snail Along and he'll see you next time
runescape nerd 1: I wish I was Snail Along
PantherPro: me 2 noob me 2
by IAmJesusandHeisZacharias November 15, 2016

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pixel pirate is a sweaty cunt that sits on runescape all day and drinks pepsi all day
pixel pirate is a sweaty cunt
by urtis July 21, 2016

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