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Good friend but can be fake and turn into a bitch with a snap
Oml bremmas a bitch today
by Makeuye May 03, 2018

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When something is terribly good, but evil all the same.
Wow, that girl is Yuhurmoakloa, cause she's so good, but so rude at the same time.
by Parisluver101 May 15, 2017

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a person who ask way to many questions and takes everything literaly he is a very rude person
your acting like a jahkiah
by definer1234567 June 12, 2017

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A Haley is charming and nice at first, then once you get used to her she turns on you talks bad and is mean to your friends then she says I didn’t do it which makes her a liar.
A Haley is..

Attention craver
Popular wanna be
If you know a Haley like this don’t hang out with them
Ugh, Haley just threw a stool at me!
by Carly_Brook21 May 07, 2018

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A Douche bag who has a std from being with women that has std's. Kevin is very ugly and sucks dick for free. He fusses with girls and have no life. He likes dick to he even ate his mom out.
by The nicest person ever April 06, 2017

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It’s when a girl name chartana is telling me to shut up
You being rude I should do it back but I don’t want to be aggy
by Deontae Head jr June 14, 2018

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A person who calls other people what they aren’t and they’re really talking about themselves
Omg you’re so loyry I can’t believe u just called me that like gosh Susan
by Loving flowers b jshjs September 20, 2017

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