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Chuck a Rose is another term for dog the boys.
Don't chuck a Rose, come down for a game of bowling.
by raysif September 19, 2017

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A person named Rose who has godlike power. She has the power of travoulrness and some lavage power too. However even if they are a god they dont compare to michaels god powers. They are 3rd place for godpower and are still pretty strong. They also like their awkaward corner and stay in it 82/78.
That person is such a Rose god they have so much power.

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its a combo out of goofy and good
Yo boii how u doin... Iam goof what about u
by Rosen Rot June 08, 2018

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She is a hot ass bitch and anyone would be lucky to have her. A Roseli comes ones in a lifetime if you have here don’t let her go. She is a mother fucking badass and a queen bee.
I wish I could be as badass as Roseli.
by Gucci Gang Hoes December 21, 2017

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