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The male version of a bag chasing whore...the rock climber is always willing to do whatever it takes no matter how heinous or preposterous the request to obtain a bag of street drugs..doesn't matter how minut the bag is the rock climber will do whatever it takes..
Look at that rock climber go at that dick like no other to get that pebble of meth...
by tex WHITE August 25, 2017

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When playing the game of “Catan” a player collects resources and one of those resources is “rocks”. So when picking up a rock resource one would say, “Rocks be like, hisssssss” and make a goal shape with your arms and move them up and down vigorously.
Player 1: Ooooooo you got a rock resource!
Player 2: Rocks be like, hissssss!
by rapsavage1 May 16, 2019

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In reference to a big person/thing
Man that guy is a boulder
by Darkness612 March 27, 2019

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Riding on dick kitchen knife
I bout to ride rodk
by Pvzzyslayers69urmom August 12, 2018

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