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More powerful than ur mum gay
GAY BOI: Ur mom gay lol
STRAIGHT BOI: Ur dad lesbian
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by NoNutMan November 02, 2018

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even worse than ur granny a tranny. If someone says this, the world literally stops and everyone dies.
Zucc: ur mom gay
Steven: ur daddy lesbian
Zucc: ur granny tranny
Steven: *only slightly offended* ur sister a mister
Zucc *literally fucking dies along with everyone else except for Steven*
by shsshellysdick May 10, 2018

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a word made by the one and only Lupe chan in an attempt to spell roastin
Lupe: U can roast anything
Just like how i he roadtin yo ass
by tokkibokki August 10, 2017

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When you roast someone and some other person tries to join in out of nowhere.
Joe ( to random person): boy... What are those

Roast jumper: Yah dude, what are those

Joe: I can't believe you are roast jumping me!
by Onisioniscuckish June 22, 2016

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His dick is small, and he cant roast anyone, but he can make some very laughable jokes, and is a good friend.
Ethan: *clever joke*
Friends: HA! your hilarious Ethan
by TwinMadnessDragon October 30, 2016

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A defining feature of ones mother and father
"Ya' momma ain't shit, ya daddy ain't shit, you a chumbis."
by clown.wmv October 26, 2018

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To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback.
Burger King grills McDonald's because fire is better.
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by cucarafa January 09, 2018

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