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When an Indian starts raging on CSGO
by ravjeeet January 20, 2017

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adj. re-TART-ed

The politically correct form of the word retarded.

While retarded came to take on a street meaning akin to "idiotic" or "stupid" the word still had medical meaning used for describing people with clinical mental retardation. Thus, it became quickly politically incorrect to use the word retarded, even though a richly connoted street definition had developed. Hence it became necessary to use a new word which explicitly references the street meaning and not the medical one.
Alex posted a mirror selfie of himself on Facebook. What a retarted thing to do.
by smaker June 06, 2018

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The reason people that make my life as uncomfortable as can be exist.
by This Is A fuck win February 14, 2017

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A ugly fat dirty bum nigga that has no home training
Your just a deontrell a bad man
by Blake persons September 22, 2017

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A person who raves craves attention.
You know she craves attention because she's a vegetarian.
by Oofity poopity October 26, 2018

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1. The act of being retarded through bacterial infection
10/10 kids suffer from retardidism.
by HiHowAreYa@hi.com April 19, 2018

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it means : u r retarded and is suicidal and depressing
u get moopling depression from : stds and talking
via giphy
by PEARSZZZ September 17, 2017

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