Retarded spelling of retard wrote by a retard, for example: Ethan
You are such a REATRD
by Y33T3D August 23, 2018

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Regroid is a word that you use when you want to call somebody a retard but your mother is in the room
You are such a regroid
by mr mcmick June 14, 2018

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Opposite of a real nigga, phony, unreliable
Tyler won't raid with his friend Francesca because he's a fake bitch who'd rather have a virtual fuckin' bird than spend quality time with friends!
by phony ass twat July 24, 2017

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A strait up retard. Touch him, he cries. Talk to him, he cries. Do pretty much anything to that pussy and he cries. God damn that motherfucker.
Girl 1: Oh, I wanna go out with him.
Girl 2: No! Nicks too retarded!
Girl 1: You know what? You must be right.
Girl 2: How do you know?
by Brittleaxis1140 September 01, 2016

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A ugly retard in my 7th class that is gay and has a big ass head.Maico look like one of those alien that has that long ass head.
by PO(K) December 12, 2017

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A misspelling of retard.

Using this insult against anyone will immediately crush their soul. They will look down upon themselves and see the shame in their existence, and they will most certainly kill themselves within a 24 hour time period of being called a rerart.
Shut up rerart!
by Codydev September 06, 2018

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A human being that is bad a spelling and basic problem solving
Chad: Is that the handicapped special needs student?
Jared: No that is George Espina.
via giphy
by Frat boy chad March 19, 2017

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