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some emo kid with glasses
shefa got dem titties ;)
by Just.a.random.person September 29, 2017

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Somebody fat and retarded
Ex. Jesus uresti is a fucking whaletard
by shlongdongsilvers February 27, 2018

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When ever a kid acts retarded and that kid front flips. A Bateman is a juul finatic and always needs pods. Bateman will wrestle you. He says he won’t talk to a kid. Ex Preston, but you damn well he lying. Yeah what you bateman!
That kid is such a bateman
by New Cumberland February 12, 2018

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A strait up retard. Touch him, he cries. Talk to him, he cries. Do pretty much anything to that pussy and he cries. God damn that motherfucker.
Girl 1: Oh, I wanna go out with him.
Girl 2: No! Nicks too retarded!
Girl 1: You know what? You must be right.
Girl 2: How do you know?
by Brittleaxis1140 September 01, 2016

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A mentally retarded brother.
Oh my god girl, that guy is such a tristan.
by itsjimmymine June 15, 2018

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A PC way to call patients Retards.
ALS 1- respond to 54 elm for a pt with his hand stuck in the garbage disposal,”fuckin spuds man”

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you’re such a freaking cron
by hayswizzle May 19, 2018

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