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An individual born between 1982-2004, classed as a millennial - but is a bit inept and therefore can be considered a "retard" - this word is the two combined into one.
Oi look at that idiot, can't even tie a shoelace, what a millennitard.
by Coffee024 May 02, 2018

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A name given to a child who may be very autistic, gay, or mental. Likes little children, and says dumb shit all day.
Eyoosh is a name for a really stupid and gay person
by Eyoosh Mepy Isgay June 14, 2019

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1. The only insult that could possibly be more powerful than our one true god—Shaggy. Saying the phrase against a hardcore street rapper could actually end their entire career in a nanosecond.

2. When a mentally disabled person is being very annoying.
1. Retard: hehehe Peter griffin gay
Ben Shapiro: Shut up retard

2. Actual retard: ooga booga oomph nigga pants
Annoyed person: Shut up retard!
by Obamagay74731 May 20, 2019

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Somebody fat and retarded
Ex. Jesus uresti is a fucking whaletard
by shlongdongsilvers February 27, 2018

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An idiot that doesnt know how to spell and literally acts like he is in charge of everyone and acts like you have no purpose in life
by GatoisGaming February 20, 2019

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A mentally retarded brother.
Oh my god girl, that guy is such a tristan.
by itsjimmymine June 15, 2018

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David Hicks is a person who doesn’t have any friends and who also struggles to get a love partner. They are someone who goes for younger women/men and gets called a nonce a lot. They are also know as Finn Tilstone.
Hey, you David Hicks
by Kieran knapp August 06, 2019

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