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A Person who thinks it is okay to go to sleep in a bed while people are having sex in it.
Elu is stupid.
by RatFood June 17, 2018

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Somebody fat and retarded
Ex. Jesus uresti is a fucking whaletard
by shlongdongsilvers February 27, 2018

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a nasty witch that can't teach for shit and deserves to suck on satan toes
Mrs. Hetlinger can't teach, you should knock her up Jim. might improve her teaching
by Underaged onion August 28, 2018

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A broomstick who tries to revive dead memes
Joel jackson
by dghfbdbdth July 25, 2018

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A fucking retard who looked up the definition of you on Urban Dictionary
You fucking retard! Shame on you!
by Dolan the Duck April 28, 2017

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A mentally retarded brother.
Oh my god girl, that guy is such a tristan.
by itsjimmymine June 15, 2018

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A retarded person most commonly a student
You're such a Chisholm
by Chisholm420 February 06, 2017

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