#resting bitch face

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R.B.M known as resting bitch mode. Where a female goes from Zero to Triggered in .069 milliseconds
Kelsey has a Severe case of chronic Resting Bitch Mode

She's liable to trigger at any second.
Pray for me.
by Theo3814 August 18, 2016

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A person you hate based on the structure of their face.
"Becky, that hoe over there's got resting cunt face, I just wanna punch it maybe that'll help!"
by Harley.quinn94 April 19, 2018

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A term used by women to excuse their awful personalities buy using the excuse of relaxed facial muscles.

'Have you seen her resting bitch face?'

'There's no such thing. She's just a bitch!'
I'm not bored, I've just got a resting bitch face.
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by travisbickle86 May 29, 2018

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