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America's 45th president. Worked hard his whole life to build a HUGEE company. He has massive balls and speaks his mind.
Bro Donald Trump shit on every Republican.
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by brianshirazzz December 10, 2016

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Someone who puts ideology above reality and projects this behavior onto everyone else.
Normal person: Can you provide evidence there was massive voter fraud?
Conservative: Of course there was. That's just a widely-known fact. You would realize this if you weren't blinded by ideology.
by Valerie Morghulis August 10, 2017

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Rich cocksuckers who expect the poor, disabled, elderly, and young to die so they can buy their tenth yacht.
The country is now under the control of Republicunts who want disabled children to die so they can buy their tenth vacation home.

by Toodaloomuthafuckaaaaahhhhs May 29, 2018

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Changing you favorite sex position midway through your honey moon. Popularized throughout Butler County after Shawn "Hanity" Jenkins went to the GOP after declaring as a Democrat.
I found out how small Shawn was after trying anal through the Jenkins Take.
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by Liza Queen July 02, 2018

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A Republican that is also a cunt, and a retard.
You are a republicuntard.
by Mark Sanford February 02, 2017

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All republicans, because people that don't accept facts, evidence, or reality, rather only what they want to believe in their little minds, are Retarded.

R, (for republican) + tard, for retard = Rtard.
by bth73 April 22, 2017

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