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A person who has left the Evangelical Christian movement. This includes people who have left to more progressive Christian denominations as well as those who have left Christianity all together.
I was raised Baptist but am now an Exvangelical. I am currently agnostic.
by exvie December 26, 2018

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One female with many many husbands.
Damn after all ten of us fucked Julie we got into a sereous reverse Mormon situation
by Analgrapist July 20, 2017

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noun. The religion of the United States of America.
Evangocapitalism teaches that people with wealth are inherently better people, deserve their prosperity and that God wants those with whom he has blessed to keep all that he has given them.
by Pancreas100 April 20, 2017

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An extreme. Hell is always the most extreme in all things. typically comes after the word "as".

Similar to the prefix "hella-".
Dang, jessie, that horse is fast as hell

Internet Explorer is slow as hell
by theflyingscoutman March 07, 2018

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(n)- a person who's father is a Jew and and mother is a Muslim
Is that young man a Jewmuslim, because I haven't seen one since the 50's?
by Jewmuslim88 December 10, 2016

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food not prohibited for muslims
Ham us not halal
by aljahez January 05, 2018

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High Priestess: the supreme leader of a small neo-pagan group, esp. a coven.
The HP consults with the HPS, but is subordinate to her.
by HuachucaKid February 26, 2019

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