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Two people that aren't an official couple, but have all the benefits of it. If you find yourself saying "we talk", you better not be entertaining anybody else.
person one: you've been flirting a lot with Jace, are you guys dating?

person two: we talk
by Fmllasthope May 28, 2018

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The definition describes someone who is taking the relationship too damn slow
Shit dude, that guy is sooooo Brenslow right now.
by Satanic man August 15, 2017

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n. Abbr.

Stands for Actual Fucking Relationship. A healthy relationship with a balance of intimacy, friendship, and communication; owning the good and the bad. None of this "We're a thing but we're not dating", FWB, "We just aren't doing the whole 'boyfriend/girlfriend' thing'" Bullshit.

An Actual. Fucking. Relationship

Can be used with or without "an"
I'm more into AFR than FWB.

I want an AFR, I want to date you, not just fuck.
by g$$$$t March 24, 2017

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A normal couple that is one way. One likes the other but not vice versa. This is a very common relationship, especially for a male who has a crush on the female.
Those two are such a Nanjana! They’ll never get together
by Lol I’m bad May 29, 2018

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When a person let's you get comfortable and then tries to label your relationship prematurely.
We've only been going out for 3 weeks and she hits me with "so what are we?" She totally tried to Speed Trap me.
by Kyuzo1989 September 30, 2016

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you pretty much like them, but without saying "you like them"
Sam: are you into someone?
Greg: Yeah im really into Melina
Sam: doesn't that mean you like her
Greg: yes
by MelSamJul45678 December 18, 2018

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When you and your friend (male or female) decide to talk but on the low. Where nobody knows about or when nobody is in your business until y'all pop out. Just know not to do stupid stuff even though it's on the low. Say you're talking to Keisha on the low, than Mya wanna go to the movies, nobody knows about you and Keisha but Keisha knows and would feel some type of way about Mya.
Me and Keisha talking lowkey until we pop out in a couple of months.
by Perfectttttiioooonnnnous January 20, 2018

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