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A place where half the people talk like their from the deep south. They only have 2 nice things a Library and K-12 schoool. If you live in Kinsman, Ohio you're one of 5 things. 1. A Drunk 2. A Stoner 3. A Redneck 4. A Loser or 5. An Elderly Christian Man/Woman. More soybean/corn fields or cow pastures then anything else. BFE
Kinsman,Ohio is in BFE.
by Drizewwwww September 26, 2018

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Kind of a jackass, likes to do hick shit with his friends in the woods. Goes hiking and takes shirtless pictures with captions like “hardbodies only”. Kind of an idiot. Likes to post pictures of guns. Has a made up degree from an expensive university just because his parents forced him to. He’s kind of an idiot and likes to play video games with his friends instead of doing literally anything else. He’s a solid 7 but likes to rock an ugly mullet.
“You remember Ben? He’s 38 and living with his old high school friend in his mom’s basement, and still has that ugly ass mullet.”
“What a hick.”
by Mr. Steal Yo Heart December 16, 2017

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When a self proclaimed redneck builds or does something ridiculous
That truck right there has some redneck ingenuity in it!
by RajanTrajan August 19, 2017

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(Adj.) Somewhat a derogatory term used against red neck's who don't actually have red necks because they aren't from the south, but their skin is indeed, like a cracker.
Angus: "That sunburn makes you look like a red neck, Cletus!"

Maybelle: "Too bad he's just a neck-cracker!"
(Both laugh and slap their knees at Cletus's dumb ass.)
by Curly Fried December 15, 2017

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Somebody from the deep south that has migrated or traveled to coastal or northern states.
Look, it's a bunch of Landons.
via giphy
by Friendoe October 22, 2017

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A big dick redneck who prefers to fuck his disabled brother.
Joe: what did you do this weekend?
Dominic: well I gave my bro a RDMN python.
by xXPR0xPANDASXx May 02, 2017

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You have to fish very much and have a habit of it,you have to love mud riding and isn't afraid of getting dirty.You love outdoor activities and love hunting.You could also have a dog but doesn't bring it around.And most importantly you love the cold camoflauge,though it's not a color,you make it one.Also can possibly have a wife that's shares the same interest as you or just cook you meals but is the opposite of you.
Your brother is such a redneck because he loves camouflage.
by CookieMonster34 March 21, 2017

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