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a redneck faggot who shaves his head does a lot of drugs and is generally unpleasant to be around
hey guys wanna go drive tractors and do meth

no you faggot why you gotta be such a natard
by cringy faggot January 30, 2017

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When a self proclaimed redneck builds or does something ridiculous
That truck right there has some redneck ingenuity in it!
by RajanTrajan August 19, 2017

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A place where half the people talk like their from the deep south. They only have 2 nice things a Library and K-12 schoool. If you live in Kinsman, Ohio you're one of 5 things. 1. A Drunk 2. A Stoner 3. A Redneck 4. A Loser or 5. An Elderly Christian Man/Woman. More soybean/corn fields or cow pastures then anything else. BFE
Kinsman,Ohio is in BFE.
by Drizewwwww September 26, 2018

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A hard working blue collar boy or girl generally from the south. Many people try to use it as a insult to us but y'all don't understand it's actually a compliment. Yes there are some stereotypes that are true for most of us i.e. hunting, fishing,4x4 trucks, and owning a black dog usually called nigger as well as dipping and cussing. Yee yee stay strong southern rednecks
Yankee- You stupid redneck you can't name your dog nigger it's offensive to black people.

Redneck- I don't give a fuck about your feelings son. Oh yea thanks for the compliment.*yells* nigger come here. * dog comes running*
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by Redneck merican March 14, 2019

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Somebody from the deep south that has migrated or traveled to coastal or northern states.
Look, it's a bunch of Landons.
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by Friendoe October 22, 2017

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A big dick redneck who prefers to fuck his disabled brother.
Joe: what did you do this weekend?
Dominic: well I gave my bro a RDMN python.
by xXPR0xPANDASXx May 02, 2017

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You have to fish very much and have a habit of it,you have to love mud riding and isn't afraid of getting dirty.You love outdoor activities and love hunting.You could also have a dog but doesn't bring it around.And most importantly you love the cold camoflauge,though it's not a color,you make it one.Also can possibly have a wife that's shares the same interest as you or just cook you meals but is the opposite of you.
Your brother is such a redneck because he loves camouflage.
by CookieMonster34 March 21, 2017

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