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a redneck faggot who shaves his head does a lot of drugs and is generally unpleasant to be around
hey guys wanna go drive tractors and do meth

no you faggot why you gotta be such a natard
by cringy faggot January 30, 2017

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A sport usually conducted by two conflicting red necks in which two parallel trains are heading towards each other. Each redneck would have at arms a standard, medieval style jousting lance. Additionally, they would appear wearing common kitchen supplies such as soup pots and cutting boards as armor. During the event, the trains would charge at each other giving each party an opportunity to strike one another off the train at maximum speed. Although deadly, this sport remains a spectacular way for our friends down south to settle their beef.
Hey Billy! You should've payed your debt you lil' shit. We'll be train jousting the next morning!
by TheSykohRedNeck January 12, 2019

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A hard working blue collar boy or girl generally from the south. Many people try to use it as a insult to us but y'all don't understand it's actually a compliment. Yes there are some stereotypes that are true for most of us i.e. hunting, fishing,4x4 trucks, and owning a black dog usually called nigger as well as dipping and cussing. Yee yee stay strong southern rednecks
Yankee- You stupid redneck you can't name your dog nigger it's offensive to black people.

Redneck- I don't give a fuck about your feelings son. Oh yea thanks for the compliment.*yells* nigger come here. * dog comes running*
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by Redneck merican March 14, 2019

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A place where half the people talk like their from the deep south. They only have 2 nice things a Library and K-12 schoool. If you live in Kinsman, Ohio you're one of 5 things. 1. A Drunk 2. A Stoner 3. A Redneck 4. A Loser or 5. An Elderly Christian Man/Woman. More soybean/corn fields or cow pastures then anything else. BFE
Kinsman,Ohio is in BFE.
by Drizewwwww September 26, 2018

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When a self proclaimed redneck builds or does something ridiculous
That truck right there has some redneck ingenuity in it!
by RajanTrajan August 19, 2017

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Somebody from the deep south that has migrated or traveled to coastal or northern states.
Look, it's a bunch of Landons.
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by Friendoe October 22, 2017

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You have to fish very much and have a habit of it,you have to love mud riding and isn't afraid of getting dirty.You love outdoor activities and love hunting.You could also have a dog but doesn't bring it around.And most importantly you love the cold camoflauge,though it's not a color,you make it one.Also can possibly have a wife that's shares the same interest as you or just cook you meals but is the opposite of you.
Your brother is such a redneck because he loves camouflage.
by CookieMonster34 March 21, 2017

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