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Spez a person or persons that edit posts on forums to be a cuck
Person 1: lmao did you see what i posted on /r/The_Donald ?
Person 2: m8 i think someone did a Spez
Person 1: oh no did someone Spez me?
by kill_yourself_you_cunt November 29, 2016

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1). A word used mostly in comment sections and pretty much mean "Thank Alot Captain Obvious" originated from a reddit user

2). "This dumbass right nigga here"

3). "This nigga can't be serious"
Guy : *playing 2019 video game*
Idiot : "it's a clolorized game in 2019"
Someone in comments : No shit it'll be colorized in 2019"
Someone in comments : "Video Games has had color for years"
Someone in comments : r/woooosh
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by heroinfather7 January 17, 2019

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A gathering in real life or online,where authorities with extra privelages abuse them at leisure.
r/Drama is literally a Mod Playground smfh tbqhwy familia
by JuiceDidThis November 23, 2017

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r/PunPatrol is a sub-reddit dedicated to arrest pun-makers. Everyone subscribed can be a officer. They have made an exception in r/puns, r/dadjokes and r/jokes due to there being a lot of puns, and r/puns is dedicated to puns.
Anyone trying to arrest in those areas will be inspected by r/PunInternalAffairs, or by r/PunKGB if the r/PunInternalAffairs cannot handle it.
r/PunPatrol, freeze!
r/PunPatrol, HANDS UP!
I’m an officer from r/PunPatrol, freeze!
by Imperial Soldier March 07, 2019

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Monica is Monica
"I want to be a Monica"

"oh! shes totally a Monica!"

"That girl is being such a Monica!"

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R/wooosh is when someone doesn’t get a joke.
R/wooosh means that I don’t get the joke.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! R/wooosh
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by Crystal Hana March 09, 2019

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They don’t call it the mundane noodle for nothing
by YoMommasDealer August 04, 2018

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