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Reddit (/ˈrɛdɪt/): A large collection of douche bags and dick heads who drastically suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect and posses a severe superiority complex, although the majority are ignorant losers and idiots.
Those Reddit idiots are a bunch of morons.
by ViXiVTech July 25, 2018

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A gathering in real life or online,where authorities with extra privelages abuse them at leisure.
r/Drama is literally a Mod Playground smfh tbqhwy familia
by JuiceDidThis November 23, 2017

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Monica is Monica
"I want to be a Monica"

"oh! shes totally a Monica!"

"That girl is being such a Monica!"

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Offering to take the fall for something that someone else did, but only if they give you something in return. Blackmailing a bro to be a bro.

Coined by reddit user u/doesthisonework1 based on post by u/DominionGhost
"I was 17 and my truck got a ticket from one of those photo rader things for driving like 40km/h over the speed limit. Mom was furious with me, 'HOW DARE YOU DRIVE LIKE A MANIAC I RAISED YOU BETTER' and all that. But I wasn't driving that day, my dad had borrowed my truck for something. I asked him how much it was worth it to him for me to not tell mom about that little fact knowing that she'd turn on him with the fury of an angry mama bear."

"And that's how I bromailed my dad into buying me a new HDTV."
by AhhGetAwayRawr November 14, 2018

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They don’t call it the mundane noodle for nothing
by YoMommasDealer August 04, 2018

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Don't Help, Just Film - from the sub Reddit of the same name
DHJF - Man slowly stumbles into fire
by YellarMail August 04, 2018

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No Advice Wanted.
I have to get something off my chest. NAW.
by throwawaymynameok November 27, 2017

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