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Save Our Rave
We really SORed last night!
by Bur(n)Lor(d) May 30, 2019

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When the bass drops and the boobies come out
The first time I saw bare ass tits was when the bass dropped at a rave.
by Themackenzielynnt October 24, 2016

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A party with lots of lights and dancing, other known as a rave or a raver with an extreme amount of neon.
Hey who’s going to that lighter tonight?
by Young Man Harry June 15, 2018

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The rave boogie man, wielding a thousand sweaty palms and encroaching lycra legging bulges. He has many faces and is found most places. He's never far, in fact usually too close.

Unlike the normal boogie man, he is actually repelled by blood. This is most relevant to feminine cycles.
L: Shazza, don't be such a damn skank at the campsite you're gonna attract the Gropa.

S: Shut up Lozza and give me another tampon, this one is soggier than a wet nurse.

L: Can I at least keep your used one and hang it in front of my tent?

S: You're a fucking genius Lozza, no one will try to sneak in and give you a poke with that red flag dangling from your fly mesh.
by OnTheLam September 20, 2018

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