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Rattiest of all time (derived from goat)
Kid 1: That one kid in our math class didn’t give me the homework

Kid 2: What a roat dude
by Zachrob17 October 02, 2018

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the basic definition of an asshole. A rat.
Oh, that man? He's a kovu
by dreamdaddyace August 27, 2017

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To tell on someone, rat, or go behind ones back.
“Hey man don’t prince on me.”

“That guy just loves princing on people”
by jahjahjah69 May 06, 2018

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It started off as a nice thing, but once you’ve been in it’s presence for longer than a month, it comes between you and all of your bestfriends until you split as a friendship group. It’s best talent is lying to everyone’s faces and crying to gets its way out of a bad situation. It can’t fight it’s own battles nor argue with a person without standing 2 miles away from the person confronting them. Overall it is a complete and utter waste of space and time, no one needs it in their life! They always tattle tail on everyone, never trust them!
she told the teacher? What a pagerat!
by Mainbiatch124 January 12, 2018

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A rat is a computer Trojan that a computer has downloaded and a rat was included in it.

Someone would take remote access and they can delete your files, access your webcam, key-log, etc.
Timmy just used a rat my computer and stole my information!

Rat ( Virus )
by Alex! SMITH! April 20, 2018

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Meaning when someone is unpubic or hasn't reached puberty
Shut up you hairless rat
by Secrecy April 06, 2017

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a smol bean; synonym for smol bean
wow, that person is such a rat
by icanthandlethishandle March 26, 2017

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