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A dirty dwarf who wears the same 4 joggers and smells rat shit , and wears damien lillard
Yo i don't wanna be a tling te plz its bum
by Richnigger January 09, 2019

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A person by the name of Allie. Many people mistake her for a huge rat.
Maddie: Holy good good self self defensefense! That's a HUGE rat!

Abbey: Nah thats just Allie.. Hey Allie!

by RainbowTrashcan January 28, 2019

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A name for someone who looks clapped or ugly with a buz cut
John is such a ratfink
by Fuggface January 25, 2019

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A form of endearment used with good friends, especially if said friends needs a haircut, thus looking unkempt/looking like a rat.
You need a haircut, Rat.
by VollDasBrainEyy January 11, 2019

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The ratted definition is tattletailing police viral information.
John: Police! Mary killed someone!
Police: Ok she’s going to get prosecuted.
Jake: Ew you just ratted on someone...
via giphy
by Comedy Giant December 23, 2018

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To tell on someone, rat, or go behind ones back.
“Hey man don’t prince on me.”

“That guy just loves princing on people”
by jahjahjah69 May 06, 2018

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a smol bean; synonym for smol bean
wow, that person is such a rat
by icanthandlethishandle March 26, 2017

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